Engine operation

The electric motor is a complementary part of a wide range of electrical equipment and the variety of its uses is enormous in the industry and in other sectors, so its operation may not necessarily be the same 15 horsepower 254TC frame, and may change in some places. When the machine is switched off, oil lubrication and oil mist and cooling systems must be switched on until the machine stops completely. If the lubrication and / or cooling system fails, stop the engine immediately.

Variations in the supply voltage and frequency must not exceed the limits established by current regulations. Possible deviations from normal operation should be evaluated by trained personnel, such as performance of thermal protections, increase of noise level, vibration, temperature and current. Motors equipped with bearings require a minimum radial load for acceptable operation and the use of roller bearing is not recommended for direct coupling between the motor and the driven load. The nominal ratings and operating conditions are specified on each motor nameplate.