Induction Motor Components

The main components of the induction electric motor are:

– Rotor – It is part of the core of the three-phase motor and is made by groups of coils, the rotor winding (known as cage) is formed by copper or aluminum bars, without electrical connection to the external environment. In this rotor model, each pair of opposing bars will form a single coil loop.

– Stator core – The core concentrates and provides the path to the magnetic flux and by being laminated, it reduces losses by parasitic currents.

– Stator Winding – It generates the rotating magnetic field upon receiving, for example, three-phase electric current. In it the groups of coils are electrically insulated and physically separated at 120 ° from one another.

– Flap cover – it has grooves that allow the passage of air coming from the fan.

– Fan – The fan is coupled to the rotor shaft and its function is to cool the internal parts of the motor.

– Junction box – it stores the power supply wires from the stator winding terminals

– Finished housing – Housing is the motor housing, which protects and seals the structural element, to receive the heat produced internally. The fins assist in dissipating the heat, since they are in contact with the baffle cover.